The ASEAN Hydropower Competence Centre (HYCOM) is an ASEAN-wide competence centre, offering training as well as facilitating research and development to the small-scale hydropower sector, thereby increasing the development of the region’s hydraulic potential in the small-scale size range (<1 Mega Watt).

In addition to a variety of targeted training activities, HYCOM supports the hydro industry in developing, testing and improving their products at national, regional and international level.

HYCOM offers a basis to capitalise on existing experiences and know-how in the ASEAN countries, to introduce standardised technology packages to mini hydropower (MHP) manufacturers and engineers in order to enable regional and international technology transfer.

By means of increasing the quality and reducing the costs of locally manufactured MHP components, HYCOM is concerned to make a tangible contribution to the viability and attractiveness of renewable energy projects based on mini hydropower.


HYCOM is operated and managed as a self-sustaining entity by generating revenues through the provision of services to clients. Fees for the use of the laboratory facilities as well as the implementation of training courses, workshops and other capacity building activities cover operational and maintenance costs.