Implementing Partners

HYCOM was established as a cooperation of PT. Entec Indonesia and TEDC Bandung. 

PT Entec is an Indonesian consulting and engineering company with a long track-record in developing MHP sites and conducting trainings in the sector. PT. Entec Indonesia has acquired the HYCOM laboratory equipment, is responsible for the engineering and construction of the laboratory, provides training on operation and maintenance of the laboratory for the staff of HYCOM and TEDC, and assists TEDC in the development of the training curricula.


The Indonesian TEDC is a country-wide organisation that certifies teachers on behalf of the Indonesian government and offers high standard vocational training for teachers, trainers and employees. TEDC made available the premises where the HYCOM building is being constructed, develops suitable training curricula in cooperation with PT. Entec Indonesia, implements training courses and is responsible for the overall operation, maintenance and management of the facility.

Supporting Partners

The equipment for the HYCOM facilities originates from the University Zürich, which first handed it over to PT. Entec Indonesia, with the support of the Swiss Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Promotion in International Cooperation (REPIC-platform).


Additionally, the reconstruction of the laboratory and the establishment of HYCOM are supported in the framework of an integrated public private partnership by the Renewable Energy Support Programme for ASEAN (ASEAN-RESP).



This programme is jointly implemented by the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) and the German International Cooperation (GIZ) on behalf of ASEAN and the German government. ASEAN-RESP supports and backs the partners’ activities and promotes HYCOM through ASEAN partner organisations and networks. The activities of ASEAN-RESP are supported by the Germand Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).