Facilities and Equipment




HYCOM is strategically established on the premises of the Technical Education Development Centre (TEDC) in Bandung, Indonesia. TEDC is well supplied with lecture facilities (educational infrastructure) and accommodation, which is ideal for trainings with large groups of participants. HYCOM is equipped with a high class Swiss hydraulic laboratory. The HYCOM building provides sufficient space for large groups of visitors and features class and meeting rooms. Moreover, its design allows good potential for future extension of the laboratory, such as the installation of further turbine types. The laboratory equipment consist of following items which are fully operational:


  • One 11kW Francis turbine which can be converted to a Kaplan turbine. This unit is equipped with a eddy current break and a control panel
  • One 11kW Pelton turbine equipped with a DC- Generator brake and control panel
  • One 30kW semi axial pump with pressure vessel, motor and control to operate the Francis/Kaplan turbine
  • One 30kW radial centrifugal pump with motor and control panel to operate the Pelton turbine
  • One PC with lab view software to conduct measurements Several instruments required for flow, torque and pressure measurements