Target Groups

HYCOM activities are targeted at private and public actors involved in the small-scale hydropower sector, which can make use of the laboratory and facilities (training, information material, etc.). The target group is mainly, but not exclusively, composed of actors active in the ASEAN region. Those are:

  • Equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Engineers and consultants
  • Lecturers, trainers and students from private and state universities, vocational schools and other educational institutions
  • Operators and managers of MHP plants
  • Investors and financiers
  • Political decision makers and representatives of government departments

HYCOM cooperation partners include:

  1. National and international commercial customers
    • Utilities
    • Companies active in the small-scale hydropower sector
  2. National public customers
    • Renewable energy associations and NGOs
    • Technology and research institutions
    • Schools and training institutions
  3. Development organisations
    • International and regional support programs
    • Bilateral and national MHP projects