In order to stimulate the exchange of know-how on small-scale hydropower and enhance expertise in planning and implementation of MHP projects, HYCOM provides an array of services. Those services are specifically designed to meet the needs of the target group, which can comprise of engineers, technicians, MHP operators and practitioners, policy makers, students, as well as other MHP-related professionals.

HYCOM offers the following services:

  1. Training activities 
    • Standard trainings
    • Tailor-made trainings
    • Workshops/Seminars
    • Study tours
  2. Laboratory testing of MHP equipment with regard to reliability, safety and efficiency
  3. Support for the development of MHP sites
  4. Networking and exchange of MHP-related information

The training, research and development activities of HYCOM address problems and requirements of the small-scale hydropower sector, based on field experience gained through past and ongoing project implementations. The availability of local hydropower know-how and competence is a key element in increasing investments in the sector and in contributing to climate friendly RE technologies.

Depending on demand, HYCOM will extend the range of its activity to cover the following services:

  • Setting standards for professional qualification (e.g. for trainers in operation and maintenance, turbine producers) and MHP products in order to facilitate mutual recognition of qualifications between ASEAN member countries
  • Certifying products and services on the small-scale hydropower market to ensure a reasonable quality level of equipment and services (“HYCOM quality label”)
  • Establishing e-learning modules and/or a moderated question- and answer service to enable decentralized distance learning approaches
  • Developing a database of MHP sites and studies for investors, institutions and government institutions